Best & most promising tech jobs of 2017 revealed


Via Network World : Best & most promising tech jobs of 2017 revealed Glassdoor, LinkedIn crunch their data, spit out hot jobs lists Data scientists continue to be in huge demand, and you won’t fare badly either if you have expertise as a technical program manager, data engineer or DevOps engineer, according to the latest rankings from a couple of big jobs-related websites. Glassdoor on Monday released its annual list of the Best Jobs in America, and I’ve zeroed in on those most techie in nature (though of course practically any job on such a list has a tech component these days). Tops for the second straight year is the job of Data Scientist, based on three key factors: earning potential, job satisfaction and job openings. According to the Glassdoor, the median base salary for a data scientist is $110K and there were close to 4,200 jobs open across the country in this area. Hey, someone’s gotta make sense of all that big data being compiled and all those machine learning tools being rolled out. Other high rankers are: DevOps Engineer, with a median base salary of $110K and more than 2,700 job openings; Data Engineer, with a $106K median base salary and nearly 2,600 jobs open; and Analytics Manager, with a $112K median base salary and close to 2,000 jobs open. Data Engineer is new on the list, as is UI Designer. In addition to tech jobs (comprising 14 of the 50 jobs on the Glassdoor list), those in finance… Read more

Game-Changing Telecommunication Trends to Follow in 2017


Via Business 2 Community : Game-Changing Telecommunication Trends to Follow in 2017 2016 has been a crucial year for the telecommunication industry. We saw infrastructure improvement in both mobile and broadband platforms. Operators looked tirelessly for fresh techniques to create a continuous connection between apps and services produced by new technologies and to improve video streaming. As we begin 2017, telecom experts will try their best to continue with the amazing trends in telecommunication. 5G The race for 5G was hot in 2016, and this trend is expected to continue this year. Google, Uber, and Ford have already established their blueprints. We expect most of these companies to initiate their field tests this year. 2017 will see the first wave of 5G architectural attempts. It will witness the initial stages of commercial offers launched amidst widespread testing of the technology. For instance, most developers will focus on improving the level of access to the database. Expect significant changes such a 1GB access to 10GB or 10GB to 100GB. Such improvements will allow a smooth transition from 4G to 5G networks. There will also be a significant increase in the number of research connected to 5G networks. We will see a lot of advancements coming from industries outside the conventional telecommunication market. Some of the industries that will play a major role in 5G development include agribusiness, energy, and transportation. Carriers and government agencies have already made significant efforts in 5G development with an ambitious goal of rolling out the new network… Read more

Nirvana Asia’s founder – a fortune from funerals


Via Financial Times : Nirvana Asia’s founder – a fortune from funerals The death of CEO’s father-in-law led to a pioneering model in Malaysia Unlike many door-to-door sales agents, Nirvana Asia’s can honestly tell potential customers that their product is “to-die-for”. The Malaysian company has rolled out an unusual business model across Southeast Asia: pre-selling burial plots and funeral services to the living. “We don’t use conventional methods to sell our products,” says Kong Yew Foong, an executive director and son of founder Kong Hon Kong. “We don’t wait for the customers to come in.” Nirvana, which is listed in Hong Kong, hires agents who have survived the cut-throat worlds of life insurance and real estate and trains them to sell funerals, on a commission-only basis. “When we first started selling on a pre-need basis, it was taboo and people didn’t want to talk about this, just like insurance products many years ago,” says Mr Kong. What are the benefits of buying your own grave and funeral service in ad­vance, other than getting the salesmen off your doorstep? Mr Kong Senior, who set up the company in Malaysia in 1990 and is chief executive, says there are three main advantages for its ethnic Chinese target market: ensuring the whole family can be buried in one place, relieving the stresses of ad hoc funeral planning and hedging against fast-rising land prices. “They want peace of mind,” he says, on a visit with his son to Hong Kong from Nirvana’s base in Kuala… Read more

Malaysia’s property market still resilient despite challenges


Via The Star : Malaysia’s property market still resilient despite challenges The property market remains resilient despite of the challenging economic environment, according to observers. Rahim & Co Research director Sulaiman Saheh said although the number of launches and sales performance of developers have been declining, there were projects that were performing well due to the nature of the product, concept, location and marketing strategies. “Market fundamental is still resilient and the market has the holding power, in spite of some expectations of rising unit sales,” he said during a presentation at the Rahim & Co property research seminar recently. He said affordability is still a major concern. “The market is leaning towards the affordable market segment. Creative products within the affordable segment are going to be well-received,” he said, adding that there is still demand but the buyers were hindered by end-financing woes. According to Knight Frank in a report on the local real estate market, the outlook for the high-end condominium segment remains lacklustre, impacted by weak sentiment as potential buyers and investors continue to adopt a “wait-and-see” approach. “With the widening gap between supply and demand as well as mismatch in product pricing and affordability in the domestic market, more developers are expanding their target catchment by marketing overseas as the weak ringgit translates into attractive pricing and low-entry level for foreigners.” It said the challenging property market environment had led to more strategies with developers adopting “push marketing” to boost sales of selected projects and improve revenue.… Read more

Scientists advising the US military say fears of an AI existential threat are ‘uninformed’


Via The Verge : Scientists advising the US military say fears of an AI existential threat are ‘uninformed’ There are plenty of regular threats though Public perceptions of military AI can lean toward the apocalyptic — understandable when prominent figures like Elon Musk warn us about the possible rise of Terminator-style artificial intelligence. But when it comes to the judgements the military actually relies on, things are a little more sober. As a recent report into the use of military AI funded by the Department of Defense states: “To most computer scientists, the claimed ‘existential threats’ posed by AI seem at best uninformed.” These fears “do not align with the most rapidly advancing current research directions of AI as a field,” says the report, “but rather spring from dire predictions about one small area of research within AI, Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).” The report goes on to say that the current boom in artificial intelligence is not likely to bring us much closer to the faraway dream of a true AGI. It notes: “AGI has high visibility, disproportionate to its size or present level of success.” The document in question here is the product of JASON — an advisory group of US scientists that briefs the government on science and technology policy. Published earlier this month, it outlines current trends in artificial intelligence and makes recommendations about where the US military should invest and research. Some of the findings it outlines can be a little dry (e.g., “DoD should create and provide… Read more

Adidas Launches Smart Factory Run by 3D Printers & Robots in Germany


Via 3D Print : Adidas Launches Smart Factory Run by 3D Printers & Robots in Germany German sportswear manufacturer Adidas is reestablishing its factory in its home country. The Bavarian town of Ansbach will soon see the birth of a new Adidas manufacturing factory filled with innovative and technologically sophisticated machines including 3D printers. As one of the key players within the $80 billion sportswear industry, Adidas has always been exploring unique and efficient methods of manufacturing its product lines, ranging from shoes to accessories. In December of 2016, reported the sale of Adidas’ limited edition 3D printed running shoes, which were also sponsored to Olympic-level athletes. The commercialization of its 3D printed product line was announced only four months after the initial introduction of its first pair of 3D printed shoes. Observing the commercial success of its 3D printed products, Adidas is now launching a factory in Germany called “Speedfactory” in collaboration with local manufacturing firm Oechsler Motion to produce and distribute high-standard running shoes at significantly faster speeds. To reduce manufacturing times and production periods, Adidas will use 3D printing or additive manufacturing methods as the core technology of its factory. By mid-2017, the German sportswear giant aims to produce roughly 500,000 pairs of shoes annually – nearly 1,370 pairs of shoes on a daily basis. In order for Adidas to match its global production level of 300 million pairs of shoes, the company will use high performance and enterprise-grade 3D printers. While the Speedfactory will rely on… Read more

New Material for Medical Implants Will Lower Risk of Rejection


Via R&D : New Material for Medical Implants Will Lower Risk of Rejection Researchers have developed a new method to produce medical implants by using a specially grown, superhemophobic titanium surface that is extremely repellent to blood. Engineers from Colorado State University have developed the new material, which could be used for stents, catheters and tubing. The new material is expected to lower the risk of rejection by the body. The experiment started with the engineers growing chemically altered surfaces that act as barriers between sheets of titanium and blood. They then conducted experiments showing very low levels of platelet adhesion, a biological process that leads to blood clotting and eventual rejections of a foreign material. Arun Kota, assistant professor of mechanical engineering and biomedical engineering, explained that originally the use of materials repellent to blood seemed counterintuitive. “What we are doing is the exact opposite,” Kota said in a statement. “We are taking a material that blood hates to come in contact with, in order to make it compatible with blood.” However, Kota explained that the surface created is so repellent that blood is ‘tricked’ into believing that there is virtually no foreign material there at all. Ketul Popat, associate professor of mechanical engineering and biomedical engineering, said that the undesirable interaction of blood with foreign materials is an ongoing problem in medical research, and overtime stents can form clots, obstructions and lead to heart attacks or embolisms. “The reason blood clots is because it finds cells in the blood… Read more

Clean Energy Will Thrive In 2017 Because It’s Cheap And Companies Want To Buy It


Via Forbes : Clean Energy Will Thrive In 2017 Because It’s Cheap And Companies Want To Buy It Every January, Michael Liebreich and Angus McCrone, founder and chief editor of Bloomberg New Energy Finance respectively, look into their crystal ball and predict what is going to happen in clean energy markets in the year ahead. At the end of the year, they come back to their forecasts and look at what they got right and what they got wrong. In 2016, for example, they correctly called the recovery in oil prices but failed to foresee that clean energy investment would fall. Funds flowing into the sector were 18% lower than the previous year at $287.5bn, although they estimate that about half of the drop was due to lower costs rather than a decline in activity. A slowdown in the Chinese market was the other major factor. They also predicted, wrongly, that carbon prices would recover and while they were almost alone in saying that sales of electric vehicles would break the half a million mark, they marked themselves down because they significantly underestimated the sector’s growth. So, what do the sages of the clean energy world think 2017 holds for the sector? Among the potential risks, they highlight Donald Trump’s arrival in the White House; Brexit and elections in France, Germany and other EU countries; imbalances in China’s economy; and a potential jump in interest rates. But they are not pessimistic about the sector. “The good news is that renewable energy… Read more

KC and the building of Ekovest


Via The Star : KC and the building of Ekovest Datuk Seri Lim Keng Cheng has been working alongside his uncle, the billionaire Tan Sri Lim Kang Hoo, for decades. But this active businessman is drawing attention on his own now. DATUK Seri Lim Keng Cheng was born in Jalan Gombak and studied at Setapak High School. Now, he has his eyes set on transforming the Sentul-Gombak-Setapak area, which he says is still underdeveloped. He aims to make the area into a liveable place like Melbourne. This 54-year-old Sentul homeboy (who goes by the initials KC), the managing director of Ekovest Bhd, has rebuilt a Chinese primary school and a high school there. Until recently, KC has not made himself distinctively known to the corporate world. His name did not pop into view when the media wrote about Ekovest and Iskandar Waterfront City Bhd (IWC). Only Tan Sri Lim Kang Hoo, the Ekovest executive chairman and KC’s uncle, was mentioned. Yet, KC is the driving force behind Ekovest, which is Kuala Lumpur City Hall’s project delivery partner for the River of Life project and DUKE highways. He had also helped to build up Johor-based Tebrau Teguh Bhd (its name was changed to IWC in August 2014), which is in property development, construction and property management services. Indeed, KC has been in the construction, property and infrastructure line for more than 30 years. “I am a business partner of Tan Sri Lim Kang Hoo. Before Ekovest, we were already doing business together,”… Read more

How to Inject Poetry into Architecture: Carme Pinós in Conversation with Orhan Ayyüce


Via Archinect : Can architecture be both poetic and serve the needs of the people who use it? That’s the question that orients this conversation between Orhan Ayyuce and Carme Pinós, the award-winning Spanish architect. Conducted at the former home of the famed architect Richard Neutra—what is now the Neutra VDL Studio and Residences—the discussion was occasioned by a lecture Pinós delivered at Cal Poly Pomona, upon her acceptance of the 2016 Neutra Award for Professional Excellence. Where shall we start? In architecture, we are not so much talking about things that really matter. Perhaps the spiritual layers of architecture are being surpassed by super correct moves based on scripts. Not talking with each other. Do you agree? We came to this kind of spectacular architecture and this is what [we’re] being asked to do and permitted [to do]…I think we have lost a little the idea of architecture [as an] answer to society. We have [the] possibility of doing something [to intervene] in the behavior of the society, because in a way architecture is the space [where] sociability happens. I always say that the difference between an animal and a human is our capacity for thought. We must express this capacity for thought in everything that we do, and also of course in architecture. Architects have the possibility to offer to society a better life and we think maybe architects have become [instead] a service providing to the market. We have an art form in our hands that has the… Read more